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things to remember while drawing:

  • anatomy is great but dont stop because you cant get it perfect
  • not every picture has to be a masterpiece
  • try new things but remember its ok to draw things you like to draw
  • just because someone younger than you is “better” than you are does not mean you are untalented 
  • everyone sees things differently
  • be proud of what you can do because nobody can do things the same way you can

imagine walking into class late one day and your blog is up on the projector 

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My first ever doujinshi (?) lols sorry, Rei is kinda bad at art and English so…yea.
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KNK [ 境界の彼方 ] - C • H • A • R • A • C • T • E • R • S

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Levi + Demons by Imagine Dragons


Inspired by 

Who’s underestimating who?

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